Previous fund recipients

The Southall Champions Fund has granted funding to eight community projects so far.

Southall safe havens (London Citizens and St Anselm’s Church)

For this project police, businesses and community and faith groups worked together to set up places for people to seek help if they feel unsafe.

Elderly walkway project (Mael Gael)

Mael Gael received funding to deliver a specially designed new walkway at Norwood Hall to encourage older people to walk more and facilitate assisted walking.

We Love Southall part one media project (BBA Media)

Working with young people, this project created the ‘We Love Southall’ video podcast for young people living in Southall.

We Love Southall part two community clean-up and family day (A Rocha and Clifton Primary School)

This project involved a community clean-up day of the Grand Union Canal and brought families into Southall Recreation Ground to tell them about caring for the environment and encourage positive use of our open spaces.

Community action project (Hambrough Primary School)

This project involved students, parents, businesses and environmental charities working together to tidy up the front of Hambrough Primary School.

Healthy eating Southall (Kay Cookery School)

This project aimed to teach people how to recreate traditional recipes with a healthier twist that can be made at home and shared with others.

Canoeing outreach programme (The Sharks)

The Sharks aim to bring canoeing into the community and to capitalise on Southall’s canal access, by holding sessions in the community to encourage people to try canoeing.

Western Road allotments (Green Corridor)

Working with the local community, Green Corridor sought to transform a one hectare derelict and neglected site on Western Road into a vibrant space for Southall’s diverse community and encourage healthier eating by providing access to home grown, affordable food.