The Southall Charter sets out the priorities and aims of the Southall Partnership and informs which projects will take place to improve Southall, as part of the Southall Big Plan. The Southall Charter was developed after a consultation where more than 1,400 people had their say on what they would like to see happen.


“We will all work together to renew pride in Southall, building on the ambition of its culturally diverse community, creating a place where the potential of all is truly realised.”


Our commitments help define a “we will if you will” social agreement between various stakeholders, public agencies, community members and businesses of Southall to achieve common objectives.

The local authority and all the local public agencies will… work to pool resources to create integrated services for the community; back local residents and businesses, supporting them to take steps to improve Southall and support local employment and supply-chain initiatives.

Residents and community groups will… take action and responsibility for Southall’s future; be good neighbours and citizens, working to promote pride in Southall and strong ambitions for its future; and support and take ownership of community led projects and activities in Southall.

Businesses, investors and landlords will… foster the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Southall so special; use our networks to attract additional investment and support positive stories for Southall across London and worldwide; work to generate social returns as well as profits; act in a socially responsible way; and work together to promote and market Southall to a wider audience.


Southall together

Inclusive community programmes to boost civic pride and improve social behaviour.

Southall massive small

A range of highly visible small ideas and physical changes structured as community led projects that collectively will make a big difference to people’s quality of life and wellbeing.

Southall town

A variety of projects to enhance the ‘Southall experience’ and improve the town centre for both locals and visitors while supporting in branding strategies.

Southall living

A programme that focuses on the wellbeing of the community by increasing choices and access to facilities which encourage healthier lifestyles and safer neighbourhoods.

Southall transform
Ambitious projects that aim to make the most of the upcoming changes and help realise the aspirations of the community both in new and old Southall.